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"Open With"

I've been having a lot of frustration with my phone asking me "Open With" when I try tapping on something. How to I make it stop asking at all? For example, Facebook. I tap a link and it asks what app to open it with: FB App, Chrome or Internet Beta (sometimes acting as if Samsung Internet doesnt exist). If I hit an option "Just once", it continues to ask the same stupid thing every time I click something. How do I make it stop asking all together? I use different browsers for a reason. 


I use Chrome for Ebay because the site doesnt work properly on Samsung Internet.... but even on Chrome, I try to read a description or tap a pic and the options pop up again. 


Im about ready to break the phone.... is there any way to stop the phone from asking without having to delete anything?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: "Open With"

The options are asking for you to choose your default location that you would like the Application to open from, just once opens the application the way you choose.

If you select the always open this way option, it will remember your selection, and can't be disabled.

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