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i bought a note 9 8 months ago and i was told i had a warranty through Samsung and i contacted support 3 different times and was given 3 different answers and wanted to post here and ask. i have a screen burn in, my screen sensitivity has slowly turned horrible, was bad but now its so so so horrible. it doesn't pick up anything i touch, im having to use talk to text for 80% of this explanation because its so bad. and my charging port hasn't been like it used to be. the slightest movements cause phone to unplug and not charge. with all this i was told the 1st time i had a warranty and it could be fixed and i had to pay out of pocket but i would then be reimbursed. 2nd time i contacted to ask howni go about being reimbursed,  and was told it was 100% free and i was not needed to be reimbursed. 3rd time i was told i cant get my problems fixed under warranty and they are ineligible. so thought I'd try asking here. i havent done anything to hurt my phone ive had an otterbox case since i bought it and all these things happened randomly. including charging part since i usually charge wirelessly and i only don't when not home. so any help with this would be appreciated. thanks guysSmiley Happy