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Always on Display not turning off when in pocket/bag or face down

Brand new note 10 plus from Sprint. The always on display (AOD) is never turning off even when the phone is entirely covered up. I've researched the topic a little and it seems to be affecting all note 10s and apparently is a software issue. 


Has anyone found a solution or a response from Samsung??? I love the AOD (NOT tap to show) since it let's me see time and notifications without touching my phone. I cant abide my phone screen on in a pocket of bag for hours on end, draining battery and burning up my screen. 


Coming from an S8+ were it worked flawlessly. This, for me, is actually one of my favorite features of the phone and a big reason why I chose it over other flagships. 


Looking for a solution or workaround for now if anyone has found something. I've tried basically everything I found online while researching and nothing works.  I'm hoping samsung will update AOD and fix it, but haven't seen anything yet

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Always on Display not turning off when in pocket/bag or face down

Do you have the Always on Display set to Always On?

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