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Android Auto Moisture Detected

Hi all,

Looking for help when trying to connect my phone to Android Auto on my 2019 Kia Stinger GT
So pretty much what is happening when i try connect android auto while in my car.

Before i turn my car on the phone starts charging then i put it in accessory mode then Bam moisture detected error comes up.

I am able to charge the phone through my PC and through the wall socket i have tried multiple OEM cables in the car and nothing.

I have tired so so many things to get this working and i have had luck only a hand full of time then bam the error comes back again.....

The way i got it to work last time was to was having the cable plugged in then i would try a soft reset (holding down power and volume down for 10 seconds) and that did the trick however i can no longer to get that to work.

I have tired resetting my phone clearing cache of the phone and of all the apps related to android auto but with no luck.

Im 98% sure this is something to do with software but if someone has a fix please let me know before i chuck this rubbish phone in a bin...

Thanks in advance!!