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Apps & Running Slow

I love my new Samsung Note10+. Its got the bigger screen, display is totally awesome. Plenty of storage as I ordered straight from Samsung. I usually am trying to keep all extra "bloat" off my device if possible. Samsung had received mostly awful reviews regarding their own skin within the phone, Google thought it may have to step in at some point to help solve this dilemma. Note to ones own self for future references, I have been purchasing, receiving as gifts & worked on troubleshooting different Samsung products for many years. Everything from old model stereo"s to high tech TV's latest monitors with upgraded graphics to accommodate operation in DeX format. If one didnt think zsamsung wasn't going to answer te bell regarding their own skin within one their legacy products, especially at the price points their getting these days, then you cant be a true diehard believer of Samsung's products.

Guys I think they went overboard on this new skin version. I mean you wanna talk about bloat..... this phone with their new Home System Operation "UI" has so many things it wants u to install it can make the average user feel as if they are walking or working in a Technical "MINE FIELD" at times. After these last 2 or 3 updates ie.. 1 last nite, all Samsung related apps, etc... & earlier in week, one which was different I believe. Since those updates my phone is having slow problems, staying on the net, and small but noticeable issues which could very well be part of the reason for this. I'm just wondering if anyone else had had anything similar happen with them. I still love ya Samsung. Always have and I always will.


Re: Apps & Running Slow

I have the same exact problem