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Apps setting

My messaging app is GoSMS Pro. I've set my notification ringtone to one of my choosing. I notice that the "Apps" option in Note 10 plus settings also allows setting notifications for all your apps(don't know why). I've setup "sound" only without popup and notice that the ringtone is the same one that I set in the GoSMS setting page. Problem is when I get a message I get a popup and my ringtone has been changed. Why is this happening?  When I go back to the "Apps" option and lookup the GoSMS Pro notification settings, instead of "sound" only I see "sound and popup" which I didn't change. I also see a different ringtone which I never chose. It seems the "Apps" option setting for the Note 10 overode the settings in the GoSMS Pro app. Anyone have this problem? 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Apps setting

@userDTiSeTtjK6 Have you tried clearing the cache for your messaging app?