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Bixby & Samsung Music: Play song by artist = No Go!

Ok... So with Bixby I cant open Samsung Music and play a song? After several hours of troubleshooting I came across a Samsung document that told me the obvious. To play a specific song track you have to use Spotify.


If you prefer Samsung Music or Play Music, Bixby still works with them. When you're in your desired app, just say, "play," "pause," or "skip to next song," and Bixby will perform the command. However, when you give Bixby a command with a specific song title, artist, or genre, Spotify will automatically open, even if you have another music app opened.


C'mon Samsung. Why are you going to force me to use Spotify? I just want Bixby + Samsung Music to work. I mean, wasnt that the whole point of Bixby?