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Bluetooth audio issues with two devices connected IE watch & stereo

Hey everyone,


Been experiencing this issue for quite a while and I believe I have had this issue from day one I got my phone. I just wasn't aware my Note 10+ was actually the problem.


With my note10+, I’ll be connected via bluetooth to my samsung active 2 watch and my car stereo when I experience the static, scratchy, or distortion in my music. I honestly thought for months this was due to pandora streaming at such a low bitrate, but when I tried FLAC music files from my phone the same thing happened. I decided to perform tests such as trying different music services, different bluetooth connections such as my home theater or other bluetooth speakers. I always experienced the same distortion in my music. 


About a month ago, my watch was dead so when I left my phone connected to my car automatically and started playing music. I typically turn it off due to the sound issue, but was distracted and didn’t. This is when I noticed the instant difference in clarity of the music. Later performed the same tests as above, but with and without being connected to my watch. I was able to reproduce the distortion I have been hearing and it would go away when not connected to my watch.


Now, I don’t believe the watch is causing the issue. I believe the my note10+ is having a problem with being connected to my watch (for calls) and being connected to another devices that can handle calls & audio. For some reason, the above situation causes my phone to output my music / media at the lower bitrate that a bluetooth call would be handled at. Either that, or having two connected devices is too much to handle for the bluetooth chip on this phone. 


Anyone else experience this? Its super annoying to always have to make sure I’m disconnected from any other devices before allowing my phone to connect to my car / other playback source. It even gets as complicated as I have to disconnect my watch, turn off bluetooth, then turn it back on to connect to my car stereo / source because if I don’t reset the bluetooth in between, the distortion remains. 


Thanks for your time


Re: Bluetooth audio issues with two devices connected IE watch & stereo

I have a similar issue, when i connect my samsung note 10+ 5g to my car whilst also being connected to a different Bluetooth device (bose headphones or samsung watch 3) my music stutters every couple of seconds for about 6 or 7 minutes. It is a really irritating issue, and as far as im aware, there are no current fixes or resolutions