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Bluetooth microphone distorted audio

I have the Note 10 SM-N975U

Hardware version: 1.0

UI version: 1.5

Andriod version: 9

Build number: PPR1.180610.011.N975USQU1ASHB

Patch level: Sept 1, 2019

Carrier: VERIZON

Since the latest (9/1/2019) patch my Bluetooth microphone has been distorted.  I've used the following headsets for calls: LG Tone, Shaper Image True Wireless, and Samsung Gear S3 (15E9), with each device recipients have stated they cannot understand what I am saying they can understand me when I remove the device and use the phone microphone only.  I am able to hear and understand them clearly.  When using my vehicles (2016 BMW X3/2018 BMW 530i) the microphone audio is clearer yet it still has a level of distortion.  I have removed microphone applications I found in bloatware but the issue still persists.  Please provide any advice on correcting this issue.