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Can only receive text messages on CDMA Sprint/T-Mobile

I am having issues with text messaging, and only text messaging at this time.


- I CANNOT receive text messages when my mobile network is on "AUTOMATIC" or "LTE/CDMA"

- I CAN receive text messages when I am in "CDMA ONLY"

- I CAN seem to send text messages on any network setting.

- Data seems to be working normal.

- I am unsure of incoming and outgoing calls, but seems to be normal.


Things I have done to combat the situation.



- Had Sprint/T-Mobile do "NETWORK RESETS" on their end.

- Replaced SIM card and programmed it as needed with Sprint Tech Support and T-Mobile support.

- Booted and ran several days in "SAFE MODE" to eliminate any app issues.

- I have tried different texting applications

- I have taken my phone to an authorized Samsung dealer, UBreakIFix, and they went through the phone and say that the phone is in perfect condition and everything is working as it should.


I have done everything short of doing a factory reset.


Original purchase date is August of 2019.


Thank you