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Cannot connect to My Phone screen sharing via Hotspot

I live in the middle of nowhere and my phone is my primary Internet access.  My Galaxy Note 10+ sits in a window several rooms away from my desktop PC and I want to connect all of the Windows Your Phone app options via my Hotspot network.  When I attempt to connect to my Phone Screen, I receive a message about Connecting my Phone and PC to the same WiFi network... however that WiFi network IS THE HOTSPOT, and I did allow permission to use mobile data on the Windows Link app.

I also use another application called Easy Share which allows me to FTP share files from my phone onto my computer.  On my Google Pixel 3, I was able to use Easy Share via my Hotspot but I get an error when I attempt to do this with my Galaxy Note 10+.  I think these two problems are related on the Galaxy Note 10+.  I'd like a working resolution to these problems that didn't exist on my older Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 devices.