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Charge takes forever to start and seems like it needs some fix

I have a Note 10+, and have had it since Jan.  Recently I have had limited access to a charger, so on a few occassions my phone went dead as the battery was depleted.  Sure that should be ok, and I have had every possible galaxy phone since 2009 including a Note 4, Galaxy, Galaxy 5,6 8,9 and 9+  and this following issue has never happened.


When I battery goes dead, the phone literally takes several hours to charge.  At first when you plug it in, the charge symbol (the circle in the middle of the screen) shows up for a minute, then disappears.  When you click the button to activate the screen, there is no longer a charge symbol.  I have tried to switch chargers to a third party charger, which gets it to vibrate for a brief second when you plug it in and then after about a minute the charge symbol shows up again, but it I leave it on the Samsung charger, it stays dead.  After the other charger kickstarts the charging, I can then put it back on the Samsung charger (after at least half an hour), and then it will start to charge on Samsung Charger Iif i dont do that, I end up with a message afer an hour that my phone would charge faster on the Samsung, like sure it will buddy!)  So, it takes about 2 full hours everytime the battery dies, to charge the phone, but never by leaving it on the Samsung charger.  If i do that, it will fail to charge at all, I have to switch it twice to get it to charge.  This really is horrible.  My S9 was awesome, and never had an issue and would charge enough to turn on in less than 5 minutes.  Two or more hours is very vry vry vry vy vy annoyyyyyying.  SAMSUNG... What is the deal with the Note 10Plus battery?


I hate this phone and want to take it back.





Product Expert

Re: Charge takes forever to start and seems like it needs some fix

Hi userBK5z5gt5k9,


I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble charging your phone.

Based on your description of your issue it sounds like your Samsung charger may be faulty.

Are you using both the charging block and cable that came with the device? 

If so, I recommend replacing it with another genuine Samsung charger. 

With third party chargers, they may not deliver the required power to fast charge your device properly.

I hope this helps!