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Charging status on note 10 always on

While charging the note 10 displays the time left to charge the phone. While the feature is neat, there is no time out for the notification, no way to alter or change the feature, and most importantly, no option to disable the feature altogether. 


Re: Charging status on note 10 always on

If you mean when the screen is off it displays the charging status, I agree. There should be an option to disable it or tap to show. There is a work around for this luckily.


Save the attached image to a new folder on your phone. Doesnt matter what you name the folder. So long as this image is the only thing in it.


Open Settings > Display. Scroll to the bottom and select "Screen saver".

Turn the feature on. Select "Photo frame".

Next to Photo frame tap the gear icon.

Select the new folder you created that has the black image in it.

Tap the return/back key to exit your way out.


Now when you charge your phone (cable or wireless) you will not see the charging status.


Important how to use. This only works if the screen is on and unlocked when you connect your phone to charge.


If the screen is off and/or the phone is locked the charging status will display since the screen saver will not be activated by the display timeout.