Can some explain to me how to backup my device to the SAMSUNG CLOUD? I have read the directions on given on the site. I have yet to have a device backup added to the Samsung Cloud. To be very honest I would have thought that I would have had several backups in the cloud for the length of time I have had the device. More important how does Samsung actually accomplish a Device Backup if "Files larger than 1 GB can't be backed up to the Samsung Cloud"?


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Good afternoon @Gold_userL6  


Since the announcement of the Note 10 series, Samsung officially announced that it would be switching its cloud services to Microsoft Onedrive for storing data in the cloud. If you have ever noticed that your Note 10 asks to save your photos in the Onedrive cloud service when using the photos app; this is why. 


What the Samsung cloud does as of now is create cloud saves for your device if you need to hard rest your phone, so it saves everything you've been doing up to that point. 


For saving files on the cloud, both Microsoft Onedrive and Google Drive are great options. One Drive allows you to save up to 5GB of storage for free, whereas Google Drive allows your to save up to 15GBs of data for free.