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DNS-Settings are being ignored

Hi !


I have a serious problem with my Note10+ (SAOMC_SM-N75F_OXM_DBT_QQ_0008) .


No matter what i've tried, i can't set DNS to point to my local one. It is ALWAYS using Google's or . I've changed to static ip settings, no luck. Turned on/off Private DNS, no luck <- seems to be ignored entirely, doesn't matter what i set there (e.g. set to , also not working).


I don't want to root my phone or use kind of "vpn" workaround...Any suggestions why this is happening ? Is it some kind of "security feature" by Samsung ? I really need to be able to resolve my local hosts. It is working by every other device in my network, excepted by Note 10. Help would be really appreciated, thanks in advance Smiley Happy