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Disatisfied Customer

I had an S9 from Verizon and it worked fine for years. I switched to Spectrum because they are half the price of Verizon and thats when the fun began. My S9 started to let a notification sound interupt a phone conversation. Only I could hear it, not the person on the other end. My blinking LED stopped working when a missed call, text or any other notification was recieved when the phone was asleep. I spent over 2 hours with a few chats and was so frustrated that I actually bought a S10E. After activating, the S10E exibited the same issues as explained above. I tried a few fixes I found on youtube that enabled edge lite to substitute for no LED and that went nowhere. I disabled NOTIFICATIONS DURING CALL and a couple and tried a couple of fixes on youtube, and again that went nowhere. Technical support told me to check the phone every so often to see if I missed a text or a call, and told me that during a call, switch to DO NOT DISTURB so that no notification sounds will disturb your phone conversation. This I find totally unacceptable!!!. Samsung, write a patch to fix these two options that should never have been taken away!!!!