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Echo sound on the Samsung Note 10 Plus 5G

Hello all,


I need your help on a matter every so often on my Samsung Note 10 Plus 5G when I answer a call or call someone the sound is poor and they complain that they can hear an echo sound or their own voice bouncing back?


How do I fix this problem- there should be no issue of reception as this happens both in doors and out doors too.


Your help would be appreciated.

Product Expert

Re: Echo sound on the Samsung Note 10 Plus 5G

Thank you for being a Samsug Community Member. May I ask do you have a memory card on your Note 10 Plus 5G Phone? If you do, i would recommend backing up your data through Smart Switch and back it up on the top right where you see the memory card cause you may have to factory reset the phone . Then press back to back up all your data to the memory card. I hope this helps you fix your solution