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Feature request Samsung Notes App: Onenote insert space for adding/removing empty spaces with drag

Within the Samsung Notes App, often find it difficult to add or remove empty spaces between pen notes without using the lasso tool, and moving the lasso'd text. Feel it's time consuming and often not feasible because of the amount of text. Currenty many of my notes have large amounts of empty space between them from erased parts.

Would it be possible to add a feature like Onenote's insert space feature which can quickly add or remove empty spaces with a simple drag up/down? Feel it would work quite well with the pen, and would greatly improve the formatting and flow of at least many of my pen notes.

Love the Spen and the Notes App. Would be awesome to see this feature added, thanks!


2020-06-17_211814 copy 2.jpg
2020-06-17_211939 copy 3.jpg