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Fingerprint Scanner Perfomance Improved

I wanted to share my experience with the fingerprint scanner on the Note 10 plus. So far it's been a frustrating affair, and especially after I installed a Whitedome protector. After many re-registrations of the fingerprint scanners and scouring the internet for solutions I seem to have hit on a method that is now working for me. 

After reading about ultrasonic readers working better when damp I decided re-register my fingerprints this way:

1. Register Finger While Dry

2. Register Finger While Damp (I licked and then lightly dabbed my fingertip so it was damp).


So far I am rarely having an issue with the fingerprint reader anymore, and when I checked which fingerprint was being picked up it often was the damp fingerprint scanner. If anyone else is still struggling with fingerprint scanner issues try this and share your results, positive or negative.