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Fix - Note 10 temperature too low to charge.

I found a temporary fix to charge battery when the temperature too low message appears.  The problem, that Samsung refuses to address, is the wireless charger in the back of the phone - not making a connection.  Although you may use a wire charger, it still won't work because of the wireless charger.  


I'm using a small, plastic wood clamp (from any hardware store - Irwin is the name brand I'm using).  While the wire charger is plugged into the phone and not charging, carefully clamp the front and back of the phone in the center, across from the power on button.  If it does not immediately start charging, try sliding the clamp up or down a little until it starts charging (this is the area of the wireless charger connectors).  Unfortunately, you will have to take off the phone case if you use one.  Just be careful not to clamp too hard and break the screen.  Just a light pressure should do it.  I have a soft case ordered for my Note 10 and hopefully I'll be able to clamp with the case on it.


Samsung will need to come up with a fix sooner or later but until then, it's better than sending the phone off for a couple of weeks, only to get it back and it starts doing the same thing.  Until then, I'll keep doing this.  Good luck.  Anything the support staff tells you will not work - I've tried everything until figuring out about the bad connection.