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Galaxy Note 10+ 512 will not send DTMF after call is connected

I just picked up a new Galaxy Note 10+ 512 from AT&T last Friday.

When I make a call, the DTMF works but after the call is connected, there is no more DTMF.
It does make a low tone when I press a keypad button, but for every button, it is the same low sounding tone, and is not the proper DTMF tones for the keys.

I cannot connect to my company's teliconferencing and I cannot respond to IVR systems asking me questions, such as "Press 2 for spanish".
It is the same result regardless of what number I call.

Again, the DTMF works properly when I'm making the call, but it stops working AFTER the call is connected.

I've contacted AT&T and while the support person was nice, there was no resolution.
She connected me to Samsung support and again, nice (but not smart) and again, no resolution.
They're steering me to returning the phone for exchange but I am certain this is not a hardware issue.

Anybody know the fix for this?