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Galaxy Note 10+ Known Problem - Vibration Won't Work At All

Many Note 10 users are experiencing defective Vibration problem which likely to occur within a month of the use.

I texted and called Samsung support, but all they say is to bring my phone to Samsung repair center.

I also called up one of the center, and the tech told me that the no-working vibration is actually a known issue, and because many Note 10 users are waiting to repair the vibration roter, they cannot get the replacement due to out of stock.

I will report the issue to the youtubers who were reviewing Note 10 and made me decide to get the phone, and ask them to warn people who are thinking to get Note 10 so that some of them would be saved from this frustrating mess at least.


By the way I tried factory rest, wipe cache, safe mode and *#0*#0, but none of them worked.

I recall the Samsung's bad response against the Note 7 battery explosion problem, which lost somany Galaxu users.

Please don't do it to me again.