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Galaxy Note10+

OK, this is a strange problem. We've had several people put on their thinking caps to figure this problem out and so far, nothing has worked.
We purchased this phone just a few months ago for my husband.  We have a home phone that is on a totally different phone service.  We use an older model Panasonic remote phones for our home. 
Ever since we got the new Note10+, it rings whenever our home phone rings.  There is no caller ID/# showing and there is no connection to a call.  Again, we've tried just about everything.  The cell phone number is not programmed into the home phone.  We tried deleting the home phone from the cell phone.  It's not on airplane mode, it's not the blue tooth, blocking the home phone number doesn't work, it's not set on call-forwarding (from either phone).  What in the world could it be???  My own cell phone is not affected, but it's a different brand/model. 

We noticed recently that once in a while the Note10+ rings when the home phone doesn't ring and it's not a call coming in on the cell phone, so the only thing I can figure is that it's picking up a signal from a neighbor's phone. ??? 

Does ANYONE have a solution for this???  What's causing it?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!   TYIA