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Galaxy s10, note10, s20 e t.c. have internet problems on some networks.

Dear Samsung.


I need and urgent help on this. I live in Chechen republic in Russia. I have been using Samsung smartphones from 2009 and had all the flagship smartphones including the note series. However, from the galaxy s10 and above, all these phones seem to have network problems on our Vaynakhtelecom provider. This is the only provider in our republic who gives 30-100mb network speed on 4g+ and it is the only reliable mobile internet that we have here. The s10, s10+, note 10, s20, s20+... all these phones have big issues on that provider. When the phones restarted, they give some internet but after 10,20 seconds it goes to 0mb/s although it shows full 4 bars of 4g+. My previous s7 edge, s8, s8+, note 8 had excellent speed on that network. So, I know its the new phones which have the problem and it is not because of any settings and so on. 


My questions are as follows. Is there anything that can be done to those phones? If not, which latest samsung phones have the same network chips that had the s8, note8 e t.c. 


Please help. Thanks. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Galaxy s10, note10, s20 e t.c. have internet problems on some networks.

Regrettably, support for non-US models is quite limited. We would recommend reaching out to support in your region: