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Google Play Services High Battery Usage and Actively Using

Google Play Services encoutering abnormal battery usage. Previously, it was only running in the background and less than a minute of active usage and it was consuming 1.6% throughout the whole day. But yesterday, on 5th Septemper, it was constantly using actively for 7 hours 51 minutes and 12 hour 49 minutes for background usage, and it was consuming 4.8% which is 3.2% higher than previously. I am wondering why it will run actively since most of my friends who uses a Samsung phone run actively less than a minute, and I am wondering what is able to trigger the app to run actively. Thank you in advance. 


Screenshot_20200906-103640_Device care.jpgScreenshot_20200906-103608_Device care.jpgScreenshot_20200906-103608_Device care.jpg