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HDMI / USB C Video output stuck in Portrait when using Samsung Camera App

I record teardown / repair videos for work and YouTube uploads.  With my Note 9 I was able to record and output the camera view in a "mirrored" view (via a USB C to HDMI cable) to an external diasplay to make sure I was getting everything in the shot, as the phone is recording above my head. 

Recently purchased a Note 10+, and the video output over HDMI is stuck in portrait. All the other camera apps I have tried function as they should, but the Samsung Camera app seems to not auto rotate, and there is no longer a way to output in landscape. 

Infact, I get an error saying: "Can't switch to landscape view on displays connected through Smart View or HDMI."  Samsung needs to fix this, as other camera apps work find in landscape over HDMI. I am regretting getting the newest and best from Samsung... I guess there is always the new Pixle phones Smiley Sad



Screenshot_20191023-203533_Photos.jpgNo Landscape support over HDMI20191023_203839.jpgShooting setup that used to work fine