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I got moved to Colombia and have a Note10+. I was taking a photo and someone tried to take my the scuffle, he ran away and I was able to keep my phoe. That is the good news.


Unfortunately the glass cracked in the scuffle and I am not sure how much damage there is to the phone. I have contacted a Samsung Service Senter in Medellin, but they will only work on phones bought in Colombia. I had no idea that you could not get the phone purchased in the USA repaired in another country.


I am still paying for the phone as well as paying for preferential repair. I was one of the trade in preorder customers, so everything is with Samsung as are all my previous cell phones.


As there is no way to ship the Note10+ back to the USA during the coronavirus epedemic as all international flights are cancelled from Colombia until further notice, I am wondering if there is a solution in dealing with Samsung in Colombia. As I have moved here permanently and have no intentions of returning to the states, I can not mail it, I cannot give it to someone to take back, what can I do?