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I suggest increasing the RAM of Galaxy Note 10+ in next version Note 11+ to 16GB

I currently own a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. I love it and I would be convinced to update to the next version that comes out if it will have at least 16GB of RAM. I purchased this one because it already has a high amount of RAM and other good features. But if the RAM would be increased to 16GB, it will be even better because 16GB of RAM is the threshold number for many advanced programs. For example, if working with 3D software, it is recommended that the device being used has a minumum of 16GB of RAM. Even though there aren't many advanced programs available for androids currently, they're more likely to be introduced if there are devices capable of supporting them. In my opinion, 16GB of RAM is a winning feature if it is added to the next Note Plus phone. I really hope it will be considered for Galaxy Note 11+.


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Re: I suggest increasing the RAM of Galaxy Note 10+ in next version Note 11+ to 16GB

The Note 11 will be the Note 20 this year (2020). And no Android, save for maybe a dedicated gaming phone like the Asus RoG phone, will have 16 GB of RAM anytime soon. Phones aren't advanced PC's. They're just smart phones. 12 GB is already way overkill for an Android device. And since even more RAM in a phone would be even more niche than the 12 GB models already out, that would cost companies more money, which would be passed along to the consumer. Phones are already expensive. A niche phone will be beyond expensive.

On top of that , almost no one will ever do any advanced 3D rendering on a phone. The hardware isn't even capable, let alone just adding more RAM. That's what PC's and laptops are for.  So don't get your hopes up. Maybe in 3-5 years you'll get 16 GB, but not right now.