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Im actually going to NEED it, not would like.

Got a note 10+, bit disappointed. I do think ill go with samesung lately now for several things they had they is an amazing quality of life....


Bit the feeling of loss of control from the extreme number of customization services, adaptive services etc. Can't get my brightness where I want it, I've been connected to wrong need works the older wifi preferred over new, all sorts of extra data sent, and that annoying not keeping media on my phone. 

And knox seems cool but, tend to trip stuff as is "nonstandard" encryption and I'm not sure how much I can/do trust them. 


But that over use of app linker to make sure every calculator, Callander, psf viewer,...everything has full device access is a little extreme. Especially as I will absolutely never make any use of some of them under even the most extreme situations.


Yet, I pay for my device flat out, with no warning given prior, to find the OEM unlock has been removed!?!?!  I do take this is your guarantee of commitment to support them with new apps updates etc until the last one has been retired?


Would you mind adding some xposed frsme work and magik? I'd like to expand my options for privacy and data as well  as firewalls & mobile network testing


Re: Im actually going to NEED it, not would like.

You can use 3rd- Party OS's that dabble more into the networking and cyber security aspect of the phone. That's the beauty of Android. The current generation of Androids is aimed at consumers that want a phone they can make their own, yet still simple. You seem to be going into the deep end with encryption and networking so try a different OS

Re: Re: Im actually going to NEED it, not would like.

locked boot loader.

I owe i was randy and up way to late and trusting Bixby dictation, so not very clear ( also not seeing the original message that that was supposed to be response to which leads it up some with a refrenece.)

weirdly I was pretty sure also I had I did this but it just alerted me that I had not

but yeah, was actually chasing down some of those pre-installed apps and mostly it's mine provider who's got the crappy ones on there but Samsung has quite a few things I don't want to call so and if you throw a net guard on there and watch for they can it's just not necessary IMO, for a force install every day that you disable It app that's supposed to do whether to have full network connectivity able to read your accounts etc (weather 3.18.5 i believe was what it was) and then before I have gotten anywhere with the installation And updates of apps and everything it is sending stuff off to yeah, they do a lot of good cloudrelated activities and I could very easily see how it would be with their Global threat assessment say whether app be related to testing (with all the sensors putting an extra million weather devices in hand of people) effects of global climate changes as well as this being my providers first 5G model When could reasonably assume that there would be a collection of data and relationship to lots of factors of how well it's going to actually perform in real world application...

but there is an excessive number of them, and they have made an over use of system applications with the shell applinker ( I'm not extremely versed in Linux but, understand this is what you use to attach shells allowing them access to anothers resources, i.e. something like your GMS which will always have location info can provide ir to apps denied).

I don't need I don't need starting a revolution type level of security but there is the fact that tools are becoming increasingly east to come by being really available to the average user. and if any one is hackable we are all hackable.
the idea we don't have anything to hide is rather flawed too, for we gave a right to our own minds, intellectual property and some sense of privacy/boundries... its the intruders responsibility to provide a just order at least reasonable cause.

I want my bootloader.