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Is my note 10 phone a lemon?

I bought this phone at the same time as another identical one. (Color was only difference) from best buy at the end of December 19'


I wanted an unlocked phone. Didn't want to be held to a carrier. Have monthly payments, ect..


I first tried a verizon mvno. I had the most agonizing speeds, brutally slow. And I get it's not meant to be a premium service. I tried straight talk. Same story. I just assumed it was poor service. Next I tried t mobile. So much worse. Figured it was the network. 


Threw in the towel and went to Verizon. Hadn't had a problem since. Well, I've been working remoy and hadn't noticed it. I left the house a bit this week and noticed it was very slow. Horrible. So I called Verizon to ask them what's the deal. 


They said my phone wasn't receiving updated roaming thus was skipping towers. They said it probably didn't update since I was on wifi so much. So he pushed it threw and I rebooted. Apparently their tech said it still rejected the update. For contrast I asked him to do it to my wife's phone. Hers took the update despite mine being tried 2x. Her data speed is 60mbps down. Mine sitting right next to it: 4.4mbps. it was then I had a flashback to the issues I had with the mvno's! Same situation... 


This phone is a freaking lemon and I had no way to know since I haven't left the house is quite some time. 


I reached out to Samsung's virtual assistant. Utter garbage. I selected more options /start claim at end and it just took me to a page offering me to trade in for a new note 20. I was pretty offended. This phone isn't that old. Is that really the solution? No human, just tell me to buy another?? 


Well, I've probably purchased more than a dozen Samsungs over the last decade or so. Not afraid to make this one my last. Plenty of people insist I buy apple products but I've never explored it.