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LED Notification Light

Has anyone heard if there will be a notification LED on the new Note 10 and 10 plus?

What seems like a meaningless feature to so many people is very important in my opinion as is why I have not gone back to an IPhone for the past 8 years.

I own a business and rely on my phone as a lifeline including the important emails, text messages, missed calls and voicemails along with charging status that I rely on in a daily and nightly basis.

To look at the phone in the charging dock and see the light red I know the phone is charging . When it's green it's fully charged. When it's in the dock and I receive a notification the light is blinking blue.

While out to dinner with family with phone on  the table all I need to do is quickly glance at the black screen and know instantly if I have any notifications without having to pick the phone up and turn it on etc...

Just a very important feature that I am hoping (as I have a pre-order in on a new Note 10 Plus) that is existent on the new phone.

I honestly tried a new iPhone 10 XS Mas last year and hated not having the LED notification light right out of the gate and returned it for a Note 9 from my Note 8 prior to trying the new iPhone.

There is a reason we all stay with Samsung phones and more importantly the Note .

Hopefully the LED will be included within in some format.


There I no Led Notification light on Note 10 but it is sa...

There I no Led Notification light on Note 10 but it is said that you'll be able to set the camera cutout to act as notifications light, by default from Samsung, So we'll just have to wait and see.


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Cosmic Ray

Download NotifyBuddy on the Play Store once you get your...

Download NotifyBuddy on the Play Store once you get your new phone. It uses the AMOLED screen to make a notification light and its customizable. I just stumbled across it looking for this same answer lol

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Re: LED Notification Light

Hi @user1oEPTfwARr


There is no actual LED Notification light. I have the phone and can confirm this. But like @MikeLegendJr said, there are some apps that can bring this functionality back and work pretty good. I personally have used the one called "LED me know", and it worked well on the Galaxy S10, however it hasn't been updated for the Note10 yet, as far as I know.






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