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Loses network connection

Note 10+ 5g 512gb.

The phone loses network connection when going from 5g network area to 4g network area.   The only way to get connection back is to reboot the phone.   Happens 100% of the time.

Going from 4g area to 5g area is okay they phone retains connection, but when I go back to a 4g area - no connection.

This afternoon coming down the freeway went from a 4g area through a 5g area and back to 4g area.  Lost network reception and had to reboot.  Really annoying as I was trying to make call at the time.

i've tried everything I can think of - including 2 factory resets - the problem remains.

Once in a 5g area the speed is fantastic, but as soon I get back in a 4g area - no network connection.

Samsung chat made some suggestions - tried them all - nothing works.  I wonder if this is a hardware or software issue.

The Note 10 is such a disappointment after the brilliant Note 9.  Losing network connection, terrible finger print sensor and location constantly turning off.

Back in August if I'd known how bad the Note 10+ would become, I would've stayed with the Note 9.