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MMS issues in group texts.

Ok, I've read through some of the older messages on this subject but nothing is fixing this issue. I cannot receive MMS messages in group texts. When the person from the group sends a mms, it opens a separate message from then alone and I get the, "cannot download mms" message. Oddly enough it only happens about 60% of the time. I've done all the suggested ideas (clearing cache, resetting network, restart, etc) and nada. So today, I take it in to ATT store. They couldn't get it to work so they replaced the Sim,..... Nada. Another SIM,..... Nada. Then they ask where I got the phone. I tell them best buy and it's unlocked. They smugly have it back to me and said, "That's your problem, if it's not an ATT phone, it won't work." What!????!.. I've been using unlocked phone for years. I elevated the issue to the store manager who also tried to no avail. So I'm back home with a new note 10 plus and I call ATT. They said the unlocked shouldn't be an issue but even after some resets on their end, nada. I'm at a loss. Currently I'm just responding to the senders telling them, I see you sent a mms but I can't receive it. Anyone with any ideas or successful fixes? Thanks in advance.


Re: MMS issues in group texts.

No one?