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Major keyboard bug after November update in Note 10 plus

So I bought brand new Note 10 Plus. It was absolute delight to use it. A week back I updated to november update. Since then totally annoying bug creeped in.


I will try my best to describe the issue. 


Say I open whatsapp, and I start typing a message to a friend. If I press "S", immediately another random letter like "H" appears, and it feels more like someone is pressing those keys other than me.. 


So I use two thumbs to type, I notice something is swiping all other letters in between my two thumbs. I have Swipe to Type enabled. So I see blue line flying between all the keys, as I am punching other letters using my both thumbs. So I get a lot of typos, and it is impossible to type correctly. Always some other letter gets pressed on its own. 


I have explained to Samsung support chat person. But he promised it is a software issue.


I have reset my phone to factory defaults, and even reinstalled all apps from scratch. 


The issue persists still. But when sometimes I lock and unlock the screen, and immediately start typing, the problem is gone. No typos, no missed letters. 


I installed gboard.. same issue.


I tried using One handed mode, and floating keyboard mode.. the issue creeps into every mode.. even if I place the keyboard on top of the screen. 


So it is not an hardware issue. This issue disapperas on its own suddenly and randomly starts annoying me. 


Please help me 


Re: Major keyboard bug after November update in Note 10 plus

Update: i even tried with swiftkey keyboard. The issue persists. But I discovered that the bug stops the moment I change the orientation to landscape. And when i rotate back to portrait the problem goes away. Until i lock and unlock the screen again.