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More of a question than feedback but...

I was hoping someone could tell me if I used smart switch to transfer my data from an old phone to my current one, thats been my primary device for almost a year now, would the data I tramsfer over from my old phone, delete or push out the data on my current phone in order to make room for the data being transferred there from the old one? And am I correct in thinking the data would still be accessible on the old device after the transfer, meaning I could access it on both devices..?? Really mostly concerned on my forst question for obvious reasons... thanks in advance to any help you cN offer me...

Re: More of a question than feedback but...

I think what you are saying is you have a really old phone you want to move data to a phone you've been using for a while.
When I moved from the note 9 to the note 20. My messages didn't move because I used Google messages. I later moved just the messages after a full move. You can select what you want to move. Also try Google drive that might be easier