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My Note 10 experience

bought a New Note-10 3 months ago and after being a Samsung customer for more than 12 years, I am sad and angry to say that this phone and customer service experience has been HORRIBLE. 

I was in Europe for a bit over 2 weeks and the following day after arriving, my phone decided not to charge (temperature too low to operate), took the phone to a Samsung location after trying not only with my original charger but also with a 12V charger, wireless Samsung charger and also aftermarket chargers. they told me that they can not touch the phone because i bought it in the US ( Horrible customer service) i wanted 2 weed from December 29 until January 12 that i got back to the States to get my phone fix. (keep in mind i work from my phone!

Here in the states Monday morning i call customer service and they tell me that it will take 2 to 3 weeks to get the phone back after i send them to them ( with no loaner phone) they told me to call TMobile so they can give me a loaner which i did and OFCOURSE they told me NO you have a Samsung problem they need to fix it for you (completely understandable). i called back Samsung customer service and they told me that the quickest way to get my phone fix is to take it to a UbreakIFix and they told me they can't fix the motherboard which appears to be the problem. so I called back customer service and they told me to take it to a Mayor UbreakIFix, at the store they told me that they will need to get the part for Samsung and I should have my phone back by Wednesday or Thursday the lates, i called them on Wednesday to know the status of my repair and they told me that the part was in backorder, at this point they tell me to wait one more day to see if they can get (i am leaving Monday for another work trip) the part. I called them on Thursday afternoon and they told me the part is getting here today Friday the 17 Friday I called again and they told me they got the part and they will work on the repair now, 3 hours later they call me to said that the phone is unfixable and that I have to go and pick up the phone. 
I am so frustrated that after spending more than $13k to $14k on Samsung product i just called them today and for them to tell me "Sorry is the policy send us your phone and we will try to expedite it for you and get it back in the next 5 to 7 business days.

horrible customer service not willing to back up their product, keep this in mind when buying a Samsung.

On another note my wife had a similar issue several years ago with her iPhone in Rome and we visit an Apple store there, after 30 minutes they told us sorry for this wait we checked your phone and needs to be replaced and they swap to phone right on the spot, they did not care that the phone was from the US you know why? because Apple is Apple doesn't matter where and the DO back up their product the way it should.