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My story about trade-in to purchase Galaxy Note 10 Plus and broken device return

Half of the month ago I received an email from Samsung about Galaxy Note 10 preorder deal "Trade in your device up to 600$". I have iPhone X device in good condition and decided to update it.


So, I made preorder, received new phone in a week and sent my device in the next day. So far so good, I’m happy with new phone.


In a few days I get an email from Samsung "Because your Trade-in device did not satisfy all requirements of our Trade-in Program Terms and Conditions, in 7 days, you will be charged $240, for the instant trade-in credit you received as part of the initial order #D17XXXXX." And in below in the section Why are you charged? => Your device's screen is cracked.


I was a bit surprised because my phone was in good condition and created a support request to get details about 240$ and why there are going to charge. They are said it does not met requirement and devices's screen is cracked and the camera lens is cracked.


So, I requested my device back and decided to return Galaxy Note back, don't wanna to pay 1200 and own two good phones. My phone was in good condition, but looks like it's not something what expected by Samsung.


Yesterday I received my iPhone back and I can tell you my frustration. The screen really was broken! As for the camera, everything was fine with it. But that didn't make me feel any better.

I sent an email to support and said that screen was not broken before, but got following answer:


"I understand that you do not agree with the triage result of your trade-in. We have sent your information to our trade-in warehouse once more to reassess your device. We have received an update that the trade-in the device had not passed the triage process due to the following reason(s): Your devices's screen is cracked and the camera lens is cracked. Due to the failure reason(s), we will be unable to refund the chargeback.


We would have definitely helped you if there was an option t help you. as you've selected the trade-in return option we could not help you with the re-triage process.


We apologize for any inconveniences that may have impacted your experience with Samsung. We at Samsung appreciate your business, and we sincerely hope that this situation does not deter you from continuing to purchase products of the Samsung brand. Please advise should you have any further questions or concerns."


In the result I'm returning my Galaxy Note 10 and get broken iPhone. I don't have any idea how I can restore justice, because I can't proof what my phone was not broken before. I hope I will not have the same situation with the Galaxy Nore what I'm going to return. I could not even imagine that I could face such situations with the official Samsung store. To say that I'm frustrated it's nothing to say.


I will appreciate if someone faced with similar situation and know how to resolve it.


P.S.: My device was packed in the original iPhone X box + one more box with plastic covered, so it was impossible to broke my phone in such way during transportation.


I always take a pics or video of the device when I'm sell...

I always take a pics or video of the device when I'm selling or sending it to somewhere, especially when the device is worth in the hundreds of dollars. Best of luck next time.


Re: I always take a pics or video of the device when I'm sell...

I just did not expect that I could encounter such a situation in the official Samsung store.