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NOTE 10 - screen saver while on wireless charger - alarm clock

(Topic created: 05-10-2022 07:35 AM)

so i changed from an S8+ to a refurb Note 10.  anyway, on my s8+ i would set it on a wireless samsung charger on my night stand and had the screen saver enabled so that i had a very dim clock showing.

in the morning when the alarm went off, the screen saver would go away and the alarm would come up with a bar at the bottom where i could swipe left to snooze for 10mins or swipe right to dismiss the alarm.

on my Note 10, the alarm goes off but the screen saver stays on and i have to hit the side button to wake up the phone, then swipe to unlock the phone and then i get the snooze/dismiss.

that obviously wakes me up and i'm **bleep**, can't snooze.

how can i get Note 10 to be like S8+?  i've tried various combinations of screen saver option, charging options, checked permissions for clock and notifications settings etc.

i've used the built-in clock that comes with the phone, then tried installing and uninstalling the google clock.  no joy.


thanks for help!

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