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Newest jauary update

(Topic created on: 1/25/21 5:45 AM)

This update blows. I now do not get the ask to open certain apps with other apps like instacart I don't get asked to use my timestamp camera which causes me more time to deliver cuz I have to exit the app and then go back in and upload the photo instead of directly taking it from the app. My message plus this stupid white is there a bug box keeps coming up on some of my texts while I'm trying to message people multiple times. My phone now lags. Some of my apps lag. My keyboard seems to not be calibrated correctly. I absolutely hate the new fb chat bubbles no matter where I move it if I remove the bubbles they don't pop up on the right upper corner it's always on the left side which is not conducive and they are also tiny can't see them too well. Also this new message syncing after we send a message what is that? Why even have that its so dumb. Then I get some of my app notifications popping up I guess they are updating and then the icon in the top bar disappears and it's annoying. I keep running into issues I have never had an issue for an update ever but this oneblows so badly.

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