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Note 10+ 5G Wgen can I buy it???????

I've had note phones since tge Note 4.  I'm on a Motorola because my note 9 phone fell from 50 stories up and is prolly unfixable.


That being said I'm on T-MOBILE and want 5G.


I also WANT the Note 10+.


This device came out a while ago no issue right?  WRONGGGG


ONLY Verizon is allowed to sell it PER SAMSUNG.  Spoke to t-mobile stores, chat, email and phone agents. Each said as soon as SAMSUNG allows themto sell it too, they will.


Called, chatted both with Samsung agents who said we hv no idea when they will sell it. As if its t-mobile who i need to ask.  


Where can i get an answer. I love samsung but this is not fair to lifelong Note Owners who use any other carier than the most expensive Verizon who doesn't ecen have as, many cystomers as t-mobile. I hv a $50 phone i got as a temporary replacement till i buy my Note 10+ 5G because i planned to buy one ASAP but SAMSUNG won't let anyone but VERIZON have one.