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Note 10+ Lack of Notifications

Sure, I am slightly annoyed that the USB-C design for headphones means that the headphones gets all twisted around, especially the braided cable headphones that are included - as there is no way for it to untwist itself by freely moving in the phone jack anymore. 

And just maybe having to wirelessly charge AND use bluetooth headphones to give yourself the freedom once had by having a headphone jack AND a power jack is the way of the future.

But completely wireless solutions are starting to feel like less like a phone and more like a desktop computer when if you want to have the phone charge and listen to music at the same time since you HAVE tether it with one of those wireless options. 

But the absolute deal-breaking killer of this feature-packed phone is the absolute loss of simple notification ability. 

Yes. Edge Lighting. 
Yes. Always On Display. 

But the edge lighting doesn't stay on.
At most its a few second burst and then gone until you pick up the phone and check. 
And at least for me - it doesn't want to work with anything other than default Note apps. 
- Calls 
- Messages 

You have a Facebook notification? Pick up your phone and check. 
You have a notification from your Gmail? Pick up your phone and check. 
Notification from any other 3rd party chat/social media app? Pick up your phone and check. 


I am constantly having to check this thing. Every 30 seconds. 

Especially since the vibrate is more gentle than it is alarming. 
And I can't have sounds while I am at work. 

The dimly lit Always On at best is readable when you directly look at it - when guessed it - Pick up your phone and check. 
It's not something you can set on your desk a few feet away. 

Yeah there are third party apps - but should we have to spend $1200 to have to download a third party app for something that even the Samsung Instict did out of the box. 
And these apps require you to turn on Always-On, which I dont want. 

Cool, no notification led to make room for a bigger, seamless screen. 
So then Samsung - do something that addresses a problem that shouldn't exist. ASAP.

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Note 10+ Lack of Notifications

You can have it repeat notifications


  1. Open settings
  2. Click on Accessibility
  3. Click on "Advanced settings"
  4. Click on "Notification reminders"
  5. In this dialog you can set the phone up to remind you of notifications at a time period of your choice. 

Re: Note 10+ Lack of Notifications

Excellent tip and I used it immediately. 

However having a notification repeat every 3-15 MINUTES is unacceptable. 

And to anyone that wants to bring up Flash Notification, as there isn't a way to stop notifications once you are already using the phone, it seems silly to have your phone light up WHILE you are using it. Especially when IM conversations are so rapid. 

What an absolutely annoying setback for such an otherwise amazing device.


Re: Note 10+ Lack of Notifications

yes every 3 minutes is the shortest time.. 

I need something that is less than that..

if samsung would modify time frame all would be ok,, ;

keeping always on display enabled, uses 20percent of battery in 8 hr period.. 

no use having longer life battery if you have to use always on display