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Note 10/+ Media Volume Limit ignored - Lawsuit

There is a bug on the latest Android 10 OTA update for the Note 10/+. Some bluetooth headphones connect at max volume even with the Media Volume Limit set. While the volume indicator doesn't indicate the sound is at max, it absolutely is. In this scenario, when the bluetooth headphones first connect, the volume is automatically set to max, tapping the volume down rocker reduces the volume drastically (more than 1 level). More proof that this is a bug in their software. This has happened twice now and it has done a number on my ear drums (ringing for 10 minutes). Hopefully not long term damage.


This max audio bug also occurs when Samsung's dual audio is enabled and a second set of bluetooth headphones connects. The volume on the first connected set will jump from the user's set level to max.  


Definitely a lawsuit scenario. Please resolve.  






Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Note 10/+ Media Volume Limit ignored - Lawsuit

Hi there!


I can certainly understand your frustrations regarding this concern and I will be happy to look into this matter for you. Can you send a private message providing the following information?


Full Model Code:

IMEI Number:

Software Version:

Type of Bluetooth headphones you are using: