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Note 10 Plus 5G connection and tethering issues.

Note 10 Plus 5G, on my second phone with the same set of problems as the first one returned.


  1. Network signal reception is terrible, even sitting next to a commercial grade Wilson antenna with all bands needed to get LTE on Verizon, in a known area that on all previous phones got an excellent signal.
  2. Tethering Feature simply does not want to work without first doing a soft restart on the phone first, programs are unable to access the internet, or it is slow.
  3. Discord app while tethering on the PC will say "No Route" and games will not connect until phone has been restarted.  This happens randomly after enabling tethering feature.
  4. Connection will have random latency spikes. Restarting phone will NOT fix this problem.

For a $1300 state of the art phone, I expected a lot less disappointment.  I don't know how Samsung released this phone with so many problems.


Re: Note 10 Plus 5G connection and tethering issues.

Same problem. Here. Second phone on the Verizon network. Working with Samsung now to try and get a new one because Verizon just told me they cant do anything. 


Re: Note 10 Plus 5G connection and tethering issues.

I had the same issue with mine and the Samsung rep was very rude and unhelpful. After speaking and more experimental testing with Verizon again we were able to find out the phone does not read the 4G signal correctly when on a 5G capable plan. We changed my plan to a regular unlimited plan and everything worked fine. Verizon is switching me from my $1300 doorstop to the Note 10+ without the 5G. I am on a regular unlimited plan while I wait the 2 days my replacement phone. I had 3 of these phones and they all had the same issue and then issue got progressively worse as time went by. 2 and a half months of an improperly working over priced phone. I was tempted to switch to a different brand of phone.