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Note 10 Preorder date

Here's the short version 


Pre-registered for Note 10 + ordering through Samsung site.


Got email to order through link to finish preorder. Ordered phone . Go through the site COUNTLESS times trying to get the order to go through with glitches and crashes and redirects etc that cause me to restart the order every time. I have worked in tech support the majority of my life, I know how to get through a web page. There's other issues causing crashes.


Phone order for almost a week says delivery BY August 23rd even though everyone knows that's the same date they hit the streets so in reality you aren't getting any advantage to pre-ordering the units for the early access factor  You will only win here by using the preorder to gain decent offers for other items. (Although I'm still furious why the Note 10+ does not automatically get shipped with the 45w charges it boasts it can handle when you're already throwing down $1200 on a phone but that's another issue for another day) 


Fast forward to this evening when I check my order status in hopes something has changed and the status has updated to shipped. Not only is that not the case  I discover my order is actually through the ATT site and NOT through Samsung at all anymore and all the promotional gifts and items I had with my order stang included because ATT doesn't offer anything even close to what Samsung does to order the phone in advance  In fact , unless you're a new customer to ATT or open a new line with one of the more expensive choices AND order a BOGO Note 10 offer only to find out you have to keep that high priced service for 2+ years or pay both phones in full  So essentially you get nothing by ordering through ATT except the phone itself. Yeah right  I'll go to the store and pick it up myself and get it the same day if that's the case. So I canceled my order through ATT and made sure it updated the cancelation so it would register that same line of service is due for an upgrade on Samsungs site when replacing the order. I get to the end (AGAIN...mind you) and finally get the order to successfully go through with the Samsung site only to be met with a delivery date NOW off September 10th....




I have to wait an additional two weeks now because I couldn't get the order to go through and still ordered through the preorder link?!? Not to mention how can ANYONE consider anything a preorder if you don't ship the phone until weeks after it hits the stores?!? That part is beyond me. No phone under any carrier has shipped yet so why are store orders being given favor over those who pre-ordered!?  I contacted Samsung only to be told they can't do anything because it wasn't ordered within 72 hours of the preorder link being sent to me. Even though I have proof I had an order placed that same day  It just ended up with ATT instead of them. Nope you get nothing! You'll wait even longer for your PREORDER than anyone going to the store to buy one  


Thanks again for nothing Samsung. EVERY note upgrade I've had  I've had issues. Every one. I even still have a 360 camera that has never worked straight from the box from a previous promotion that I can't get fixed or any help with. You never cease to let me down.. I think I've had my fill of this same nonsense. This is the last Samsung phone for me despite the fact I've had every one since the Note 2. Good luck to the rest of you


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Re: Note 10 Preorder date

How about BestBuy? I believe they still promise a delivery by 23rd (BTW, preordering doesn't mean getting it before the official launch date, although sometimes it does happen). I think the issue is that you're ordering an AT&T model, and most of the gifts and perks Samsung advertises are for an Unlocked phone. Sounds like you wanted to put it on a payment plan through your bill with AT&T, so that's why it became an AT&T order. That's what I suspect, however I've never seen it before and I have personally ordered an AT&T S10 from and it was still handled by Samsung (I didn't do the Next plan though). An unlocked phone works fine on AT&T, except HDVoice, and Wi-Fi Calling. If you don't mind the Black color, it still shows delivery by August 23 on White and Glow say September 6, and Blue is August 30. Ordering unlocked from or via Show Samsung app gives you the enhanced trade-in value and accessory credit.




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Re: Note 10 Preorder date

I ordered mine in store and having the same issue. The phone still hasn't come in. Seems to me pre ordering was a waste of time I want do it again. Then they don't have phones in store for purchase either because of the high demand for it.