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Note 10+ S Pen button playing media from lock screen

Hi All,


I have an issue that occurs when I am writing a "screen-off memo" from my Note 10+ lock screen. When I push the S-Pen button without touching the phone screen, it will Play/Pause my media player (Google Play Music or Smart Audiobook Player). In the S Pen "Air actions" settings I have the "media" option disabled, so I'm pretty sure the S Pen button should not Play/Pause any kind of music app.


The S Pen button does Play/Pause while the phone is unlocked as well, and the only way I can stop it from happening is by disabling "Air Actions" altogether. But I don't want to completely disable it, since I often use the "Hold down pen button" action often. 


Does anyone else have this problem? It's no huge issue, but it can be annoying since it can cause my audiobooks/music to start playing while I am jotting notes during meetings at work. 

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!