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Note 10+ bad battery life after update to One UI 3.1, please update

(Topic created: 05-02-2021 05:24 PM)

After getting the samsung one ui 2.5 and up all my apps and android systems etc started to crash and  consume a huge amount of battery.  Samsung needs to push an update to fix this issue ASAP or something because it's just not going to cut it. I'm sick of my phone not lasting very long and I AM NOT going to factory reset it again. It hos gotten even worst after samsung one ui 3.1 and after updating it my phone would constantly restart after each 5 minutes and I factory reset it.  I am not going to factory reset it again this it is Not a user's issue.

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The device I have is the samsung galaxy note 10 plus my phone would last me 15+ battery and after getting all this updates it just missed up my device big time yall need to fix this because it's just not going to cut it and also I never gotten then April Easter update either there's something fishy going around here starting with not getting google home on samsung feed

I have the same phone and same battery drain problem.  Batter drain about 1% per minute while doing nothing.

Here is the software update version: N975U1UEU6FUC6 / N975U1OYM6FUC6

model number: SM-N975U1

"Wipe cache partition" did not fix the issue.

Samsung support please advise.