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Note 10+ is going back

I don't think there has ever been a brand new phone that I so disliked that I returned it... so the Galaxy Note 10+ is the first. Thankfully, I bought it from Amazon and not Samsung: so the return process is much easier. Everything works on the phone... it just doesn't work well.


Smart Switch utterly failed to move critical app data from my Note 9. As a result, every app I opened told me to log in again (okay, no problem) - but all the data I had in the app was absent! Example: Easy Voice Recorder Pro had over 100 recordings... but after moving to the Note 10+, I opened the app to "Recording #1 Ready" and nothing else was there. This was the case for a lot of apps.


S Pen gestures are way too sensitive. I had the Note 10+ on a tripod, ready to take a photo with the rear camera. Using the S Pen button as a shutter, I thought I got the shot: but the S Pen must have moved, ever so slightly, while I was taking the picture and the camera switched to the front camera instead of getting the shot! More often than not, the phone would change camera modes or cameras instead of taking a picture. So just know that if you intend to use the S Pen for the shutter, you have to keep it perfectly still.  I don't need a phone that demands I adapt to it. The phone adapts to ME or it's not my phone for long.


My Wear OS Smartwatch is awesome and I use a watch face that gives me all the information I need at a glance: including watch and phone battery levels. While it had no problem with my Note 9, the Note 10+ would not send battery information to it. No matter what I did, I couldn't get phone battery level to display.


Those are just three quick examples out of many. It seems as if Samsung tried to stuff as many features into the phone as possible, whether or not they are really useable, while removing a lot of features (like Gear VR, you can kiss that goodbye with the Note 10). I am very displeased with the phone (and that stupid Infinity-O display with a hole drilled in it doesn't help... I never got accustomed to it). Hopefully, I will be more enthused about next year's Note 11 - or Galaxy Fold 2, provided it has external storage and S Pen support.