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Note 10 plus S-Pen falling out on its own

I've had all notes except the 6 and 7 ...never had issue with the device dropping a pen on its own...I'm OCD so I'm 120% of know koi wing for sure that my s pen is properly resting in the device after a solid one time a accident which wasnt.but now not a month and if I get another will be 3rd one..price if phone and bill and I'm not sure I can afford another.but I have it thru verizon.i feel I should get a brand new and all.i didn't feel it was brand new to begin with..I never agreed on excepting a refurbished one.but yet I'm being charged for brand new.the day I activated it not even 5 mins people and businesses calling it.messages blowing up my inbox...really?and out 2 s pens .design flaw? Please Samsung I dont ever turn my back on you please help me and have my back this time.....

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Note 10 plus S-Pen falling out on its own

Hey there,


Thanks for reaching out.


I can certainly understand the frustrations this may have caused you.


I recommend visiting a UBreakIFix repair center for a technician to take a better look at your device. It may be something inside the device that is not holding the S Pen secure.


Click on this link here to get the nearest location in your area: