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Note 10 plus pen

I, like many others on here, have also had an issue with my Spen breaking after having it for a very short amount of time.

I dont want to pay nearly fifty dollars to replace it as theres no reason it should be breaking so soon if at all...

I went to put it away inside its compartment on my phone and I noticed it felt a little different, no click like it usually does, but it stayed in.

When I went to get It out next it would not come out, after about twenty minutes of trying to get it out it finally came out. In two pieces.

I do have insurance on my phone through Verizon, would they provide a new pen?

While I'm here I'd also like to mention that the vibrate function hasn't worked since I got it.

Not sure what that is about.

And finally, I cannot turn on my mobile hot spot with this phone either.

I was excited to get this phone but now that I have it I'm kind of disappointed I'm in the hole so much money for it... it doesnt seem worth it to me..


Re: Note 10 plus pen

It's just your unit I think. Mine is working perfectly fine, none of your problems are on mine. I'm sure they will replace it after all that tho