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Note 10+ (unlocked) signal and connection issues.

Hello, I have the unlocked Note 10+ that I purchased directly from Samsung. It is being used on the T-Mobile network.

I have serious signal issues and connection problems. Even at work where we have T-Mobile boosters, I have very bad signal and it loses connection and calls all the time. I know it is not T-Mobile, as my other lines and phones do not have any issues in the same locations and my previous Note 9 worked flawlessly.

I've also been having issues with the Bluetooth connections to my car radio, headphones, my smartwatch etc., where it would lag or completely lose signal (disconnect/reconnect) for weeks/months now.And since the last update, which happened a few days ago, it now CONTINUOUSLY does this, even being right next to (for instance) my watch or within 5-10 meters!!! I have restarted my phone several times, my watch, my headphones and re-paired everything, but to no avail!

I have heard that the Note 10s and 10+s have major issues with the (radio) antennas and such. Is that the cause of my signal and connection issues?

Is this being recognized/addressed by Samsung?

I can still feel the bad taste that the Note 7 left in my mouth and this current issue feels very familiar!!! To me this “flagship” phone is more like a “dinghy” right now!!!

I am currently seriously regretting spending a fortune on a phone that is just not delivering on its promise!

Any feedback would be appreciated!

Regards, Eric de Jong.


Re: Note 10+ (unlocked) signal and connection issues.

Having issues as well. My problem is I lose network connection. So no calls or text come throug . I have to restart my phone frequently.   Regretting this purchase.  


Re: Note 10+ (unlocked) signal and connection issues.

I've been having this issue eversince I got it. Network connection of this phone is a completely FAILURE. I use 4 phones at the same time, yes so I can easily compare them. My Note 9, S8, S10 work perfectly, stable network connection, strong and fast 4G LTE on them. I tried just 1 sim on each of them and the Note 10+ never shows me a full bar of signal and only shows 4G data, not LTE.